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The Best Pipe Tobacco for Your Cigarettes
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The Best Pipe Tobacco for Your Cigarettes
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While some smokers keep staying loyal to their favorite brands, some have opted for other smoking methods, such as using pipe tobacco or hand-rolling their cigarettes at one point or another. 

The primary reason for this new trend is that pipe tobacco is cheaper and contains lesser chemicals. Furthermore, it's also available in many varieties of flavored blends. That means smokers can also formulate their blends depending on their preferences. 

However, suppose you're planning to switch to pipe tobacco to roll your own cigarette, there are some things you'll need to bear in mind. It'd be best to use ribbon-cut tobacco, seeing as flake cut doesn't work quite well with cigarettes. 

Ensure you dry the pipe tobacco before rolling into cigarettes, seeing as it's often slightly moist. You can check out some top tobacco products from the Smoker's Outlet Online store.

3 Types Of Tobacco

While there are various tobacco blends and varieties, commercial tobacco comes in three primary forms; Oriental, Burley, and Virginia.

• Burley Tobacco

This tobacco type is air-cured, making it lose some part of its natural sugars in the process. Thus, Burley tobacco manufacturers add sugars to it to enhance its quality. While Burley tobacco is often intense, it still tastes good.

• Oriental Tobacco

Out of the three tobacco varieties, oriental is the strongest. Besides being sun-cured, it has a unique and aromatic flavor. 

• Virginia Tobacco

Of the three popular tobacco, Virginia is the most preferred. Virginia tobacco is flue-cured, slightly and mildly sweet, and contains no flavors or additives.

Best Tobacco Brands to Use

The following are some best-selling and highest-rated top tobacco products to use for your hand-rolled cigarettes. 

• Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco

Kentucky Select pipe tobacco offers a smooth blend and a slightly sweet aftertaste with distinctive Virginia tobacco leaves. However, it can be pretty expensive due to its vast popularity. 

Kentucky Select pipe tobacco comes in various flavors, including Natural Organic, Turkish Black, Silver, Green, Red, Blue, and Gold. 

• OHM Tobacco

One of the smokers' favorites for years, OHM tobacco is made using high-quality Virginia tobacco leaves. It has a smooth blend and a smoky, savory aftertaste. OHM tobacco is quite affordable, pleasant, and mild. 

This smoker's favorite tobacco comes with various flavors: Turkish Red, Silver, Turkish Yellow, Bold, Gold Mint, Blue, Super Mint, Natural, etcetera.

• Daughters & Ryan (D&R) Tobacco

Although a new brand, D&R has proven to be one of the leading manufacturers of the best pipe tobacco blends in the US. However, it isn't cheap. D&R is a luxury brand. 

The company offers 12 quality pipe tobacco blends, including PenHooker, Windsail Platinum, Cockstrong, Venguer, Rowland, Ramback Gold, Windsail Gold, Three Sails, Windsail Silver, Ramback, etcetera.

• Altadis Pipe Tobacco

As one of the largest pipe blends manufacturers in the world, Altadis pipe tobacco offers various exotic flavored blends with great taste at reasonable prices. 

Some exciting flavors of Atladis pipe tobacco include Strawberry Delight, Dulce de Leche, Bananas & Crème, Creamy Butterscotch, Maple Walnut, Dark Chocolate, Buttered Rum, Crème Brulee, Irish Crème, Marzipan, Peanut Butter, etcetera.

• Criss Cross Tobacco

Although Criss Cross isn't part of the largest brands, it's pretty affordable. This tobacco blend is preferred by smokers with a sweet tooth, seeing as the mixes have a sweet aroma and are moderately mild.

Criss Cross offers three blends, smooth, mint, and original. Out of the three, the original blend tobacco is the strongest. 

Know Your Tobacco Brand

The pipe tobacco industry is fastly growing. Suppose you intend to purchase top tobacco products; you'll need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. 

Before buying any pipe tobacco blend, ensure you do adequate research on the best mixtures and brands. Seeing as every pipe tobacco blend is different, you'll need constant practice to get it right and discover what best suits your preference. 

Consider beginning your search from these top brands we mentioned earlier. When you do find your ideal blend, roll it smoothly and enjoy a great smoking session. Don't forget to shop for tobacco, rolling papers, and other smoking accessories from the Smoker's Outlet Online shop.

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