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A Smoker's Guide to Various Hand Pipes
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When buying hand pipes, you're likely to be spoilt for choice. However, with this expert guide on various hand pipes, you can become better informed to make a great choice.

Smoking is an age-long activity. Despite the absence of sophisticated technology and tools for refining it back then, humans still found a way to enjoy the incredible taste of dry tobacco through pipes. 

Presently, the abundance of modern tools has caused an improvement in the quality of smokes available for aficionados. What's more? Smokers who prefer using hand pipes now have many options to choose from, depending on their preference. 

Because hand pipes are still the common way of enjoying tobacco by many smokers, we've created this guide to help you pick the best hand pipes. Don't forget to buy your hand pipe and pipe tobacco for sale from a reputable online store like Smoker's Outlet Online.

What Are Hand Pipes? 

In the past, hand pipes were ancient smoking tools explicitly made for smoking tobacco. Hand pipes are curvy, with the first type looking like Sherlock Holmes-style pipes. It often has a neck, mouthpiece, carb, and bowl.

Presently, hand pipes have witnessed numerous innovations, with some looking like spoons. However, some still retain the old shape. 

Hand pipes are the easiest ways to smoke tobacco because they don't need any unique set up or attachment. The simple way of using pipes makes hand pipes stand out from other methods of smoking tobacco. 

All you need to do is load your herb and inhale. They're portable and fit into the hand perfectly. And the best part is, they come in different forms and from other materials like glass, silicone, wood, etcetera. 

What Are Spoon Pipes?

The pipe got its name from its spoon-like shape. Out of the numerous tube types, the spoon pipe is the most common in the smoking industry. Spoon pipes enable you to control the airflow amount. However, its shape doesn't limit it from having sophisticated designs. 

Spoon pipes are usually made of glass. However, there are others made with other materials like metal and silicone. You only need to buy the best pipe tobacco for sale and enjoy a good puff.

Types of Hand Pipes

  • Glass Hand Pipes

As the name implies, glass hand pipes are made of glass. Unlike pipes made with wood and other similar materials, glass pipes don't alter tobacco's taste. 

What's more? They're easy to use. However, they require lots of caution when using them, as they can easily get damaged if not carefully handled. 

  • Wooden Hand Pipes

Maybe you're old school and prefer hand-made tools; then you'll love smoking with a wooden hand pipe. Wood pipes are inarguably the oldest hand pipe type in existence. 

Wooden hand pipes manufacturers create them from trees, especially the ancient oak tree. Sadly, wood hand pipes often alter the flavor of your tobacco. 

  • Metal Pipes

This type of hand pipe is durable, convenient, and easy to maintain. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a beginner, metal pipes are one of the excellent choices you can make when buying hand pipes. 

Seeing as metal hand pipes easily get extremely hot, they often come with a wooden or plastic handle to prevent burn.

  • Silicone Hand Pipes

This hand pipe is perfect for smokers that are afraid of or can't maintain the glass option. Silicones are durable and will never shatter or break. Suppose you've decided to use a silicone pipe or buy pipe tobacco for sale; ensure you shop from reputable online stores like Smoker's Outlet Online. 


Hand pipes have evolved from crude wooden tools our ancestors used in ancient times to sophisticated pipes with numerous mind-blowing designs and styles. While some smokers prefer rolling their tobacco, using hand pipes is still the most common way of smoking tobacco. 

When buying hand pipes, you're likely to be spoilt for choice. However, with this expert guide on various hand pipes, you can become better informed to make a great choice. Suppose you're about class and poise, then go for a glass hand pipe. 

A wooden pipe will be your best fit if you're an old soul, and smokers looking for durability are better off buying silicone or metal hand pipes. However, to avoid making mistakes during your purchase, ensure you buy from a reputable online store like Smoker's Outlet Online.

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