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The Best 6 Resources for Pipe Smokers
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Although pipe smoking is a traditional hobby, it's been influenced by the changes rocking the entire universe. As a new smoker, there are many innovations to keep track of, from the latest up-and-coming carvers, ultra-rare shapes, and stamps to new tobacco releases.  

So how do you stay on top of the latest trends with your newfound love? Besides having a family or close friend who is a blender or carver, how do you stay updated about your favorite pastime? Smoker’s Outlet Online has put together this directory on the best resources for pipe smokers. That way, you won't wander again lost on the Internet while trying to stay up-to-date. 

And the best part is, some of these resources are communities where you can connect with other smoke lovers. Exciting, right?

Therefore, in no particular order, we present to you our top six resources for pipe smokers. Note that you'll also find quality articles and tips on pipe smoking at Smoker’s Outlet Online. What's more? You can also access various pipe tobacco brands, but let's not digress!


This website is one of the most extensive resources for discovering famous marques and pipe makers. Simply put, Pipedia is a pipe-related user-friendly wiki. Scott Thile, a renowned pipe maker, manages the site, which generally looks pleasing to the eye with great content. 

Tobacco Reviews

Suppose you're new to smoking and confused about the blend to start with, consider checking out rather than randomly picking a brand from the numerous options available in stores. currently catalogs 84,000 reviews of tobacco blends while offering component breakdown, tasting notes, and detailed descriptions, with other blend-related information for its millions of members. 

Various pipe smokers worldwide provide these reviews, and with a sorting system, they can prioritize the content and display the most recommended review that's helpful first. Let's just say it's easy to discover the best pipe tobacco brands at this great site.

Pipe Smokers Forum

This forum has been one of the best resources for pipe smokers looking to connect. While people experienced problems registering on the platform in the past, Pipe Smokers Forum has dramatically improved and features a seamless registration process.

You can share what you're smoking, read reviews, participate in other mundane topics, and ask for suggestions on trying out an advanced technique.  Simply put, Pipe Smokers Forum (PSF) remains an excellent resource for pipe smokers. 

Pipe Smokers Den

This incredible, laid-back forum is like a micro-community of like-minded pipe smokers with different personalities, experience levels, and vocations. The Pipe Smokers Den feels like an online pipe club rather than a forum and is perfect for building tight-knit relationships and connecting with other smokers with similar interests.


The truth is, some pipe makers' stamping is unclear, making it difficult to date some vintage briar sometimes accurately. Fortunately, Pipephil is a comprehensive study of terminology, stamps, and logos to help with dating. 

Pipephil boasts a user-friendly setup that enables you to filter the brands by logo, name, or country, making it easier to discover whether your briar is post or pre-transition. 

The Briar Patch Pipe Forum

Are you searching for a forum where you can enjoy a laidback, easygoing discussion of pipe tobacco brands and pipes? Consider checking out the Briar Patch. 

While it's a small community, unlike some large sites and forums mentioned here, the Briar Patch has a communal and friendly feel, making it appear almost like a pipe club, just like the Pipe Smokers Den. 

Speaking of pipe clubs, the Briar Patch Pipe Club Directory is an excellent tool to enable you to discover a local meetup of the community members near you. What's more? There's an old-school chatroom where members can hold remote pipe smoking conversations and discussions in real-time. 

Final Words

And that's a wrap! Hopefully, as a new smoker, these online resources will help you settle into your newfound hobby. Suppose you don't want to go through the stress of looking up these online forums and directories; Smoker’s Outlet Online boasts of every tip, trick, and help guide you'll need to become an informed smoker in no time. 

Thus, it'd be best if you spend time going through our site, shop for the best quality tobacco and smoking accessory, and stay updated with the latest trends in the smoking community. 
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