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A Guide to Buying Tobacco Rolling Paper
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A Guide to Buying Tobacco Rolling Paper
Rolling paper is one of the essential smoking accessories for rollie smokers besides tobacco and lighter. However, your choice of wrap depends on your preference and taste.

Rolling paper is one of the essential smoking accessories for rollie smokers besides tobacco and lighter. However, your choice of wrap depends on your preference and taste.


As a cigarette smoker, you have to learn how to roll your own smoke if you're tired of smoking the commercially-produced option. However, the trick lies in finding the best rolling paper brands in the market.


Thankfully, with the right information, you can make the best choice and find a good wrap offering the best smoking experience. When buying rolling papers like Bob Marley papers, you have to subject your chosen option through intense scrutiny to ensure you're getting top-quality wraps.


Your rolling paper deserves the same intense scrutiny and careful research during purchase as your tobacco. This guide will prove valuable if you're ready to buy tobacco rolling papers from leading smoke stores like Smokers Outlet Online. Read to the end!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Rolling Paper

Before proceeding with your rolling paper purchase, you need to make some vital considerations. One such consideration is the chemical present during the manufacturing process.


Rolling papers come in unbleached or bleached variants. For bleached papers, manufacturers use chemicals to alter their strength, burn rate, and color. Therefore, you'll likely see wraps made using potassium nitrate, calcium carbonate, and chlorine, causing severe health issues.


However, if you want to get the best of your tobacco and enjoy a chemical-free smoke, go for quality rolling paper like the Bob Marley papers. Also, consider the material used. Manufacturers use either wood pulp, rice, flax, or hemp.


The material influences the taste, so you might want to explore some options before choosing the one that offers you the best smoking experience. If you also want extra flavor, go for flavored papers.


Regardless of your preferred option, you'll find various rolling papers in the market.

Best Tobacco Rolling Papers

Here are some best rolling papers to try as a newbie smoker. You can find these papers in online shops like Smokers Outlet Online.

1.   Zig-Zag Orange Burn King-Size

This classic French-made tobacco rolling paper is made with bleached wood pulp. Zig-Zag wraps are perfect for newbie smokers because it's easy to learn to roll cigarettes with it since it doesn't tear easily. Besides being durable, it's also almost see-through.

2.   E-Z Wider

E-Z Wider papers are a popular rollie smoker's favorite. Besides being accessible and dependable, E-Z Wider is available in places where smoke products are sold.


This rolling paper is best for beginners because they're easy to roll and has strong glue. However, E-Z Wider produces too much ash when smoked. On the other hand, the paper burns evenly, and the airflow is different.

3.   Bob Marley Rolling Paper

If you're a true Rastafarian, Bob Marley papers are one you need to try. Made with pure hemp, this rolling paper contains no additives. It comes in 110 mm long leaves per pack with a pack containing 33 wraps.


The Bob King Size papers have ten various quotations and 15 designs.

4.   OCB Premium King Size

The French-made OCB tobacco rolling paper has a filter tip to prevent tobacco from moving past the wrap into your mouth while smoking. OCB premium king size is made with wood pulp and doesn't tear or wrinkle easily despite its thin nature.


They also offer the thinner option (king-size X-pert) for experienced smokers, as can be deduced from the name.

Order Bob Marley Papers From Smokers Outlet Online

When purchasing a good rolling paper like Bob Marley papers, decide whether you want the bleached or unbleached option. Don't forget to check the rolling paper's size and ensure it doesn't contain chemicals and bleachers.


Whether you've got a favorite rolling paper or yet to choose from our list, you'll find various wraps at Smoker’s Outlet Online using this guide.


Smokers Outlet Online is home to all smoke accessories and tobacco products for savvy smokers looking to enjoy a great smoking session. 

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