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Pipe Tobacco: Different Types, Comparisons, and Choosing the Right Brand
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Pipe Tobacco: Different Types, Comparisons, and Choosing the Right Brand
We will break down all that you need to know while shopping for pipe tobacco on this page.

Pipe tobacco is a traditional form of smoke that is gaining popularity again. It offers an old-fashioned smoking experience that has been lost to many smokers with the advent of other tobacco products such as e-cigs. This post will discuss some of the different types of pipe tobacco available (such as Captain Black Pipe Tobacco), how they are made, and where you should buy your pipe tobacco! 

Different Types of Pipe Tobacco

People who like pipe tobacco products such as Captain Black Pipe Tobacco often ask about flavors. There are three types of pipe tobacco that are most popular today. The first type is called "aromatic." This type has a lot more flavor than other variants, and it comes in many flavors including chocolate, vanilla, cherry, and coffee.

Another option is the traditional variant which features an earthy taste with notes of hay or grass and sometimes even hints of fruits like berries. The third type is what's known as "latakia", which some smokers have described as having a smoky flavor that may remind somebody of a campfire after they've gone out for the night.

The Production Process for All Three

First let's discuss how each kind gets made before we dive into buying tips so you know exactly what to look for. The first type of pipe tobacco is made by blending different types together to create a specific flavor profile. These blends will typically have Virginia, Burley and Oriental (Turkish) tobacco mixed with the flavoring agent to give it more depth and richness.

Other variants like Latakia may also be added into these mixes as well because they don't need any additional flavoring agents since their smoky taste speaks volumes on its own.Then, the traditional variant of pipe tobacco involves taking whole leaves stripped from the stem before being dried out thoroughly, so they break easily when you place them between your fingers or thumb and forefinger tips. Once broken up, this kind requires less space than other kinds, so you'll find it in smaller packages.

Latakia pipe tobacco is made from native Syrian Latakia mixed with other blends to create the desired flavor profile. This type has a very distinct taste that comes from the "condiment" leaves and stems that are added into the mix and an additional processing step where they're double fermented before being dried out.

Tips for Buying Pipe Tobacco

One of the first things you'll want to do is consider where you want to buy the tobacco. You may notice that some specialty stores focus on only one brand, whereas others offer a range of choices. For this reason, many people see buying online at a place like Smoker's Outlet Online as the best overall option.

Where to Buy Pipe Tobacco?

If you want to buy pipe tobacco, it is encouraged that you shop around for many options and brands, such as Captain Black Pipe Tobacco. After doing lots of research, you should know what prices to expect and perhaps where to buy in bulk sizes. In any case, you should start your search with Smoker's Outlet Online.

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