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Top 5 Smoking Essentials Every Rollie Smoker Needs
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Top 5 Smoking Essentials Every Rollie Smoker Needs
Presently, smoking accessories come in various sizes and shapes with innovative designs, but a rollie smoke aficionado knows how to get the best accompaniments that suit their preference.

Presently, smoking accessories come in various sizes and shapes with innovative designs, but a rollie smoke aficionado knows how to get the best accompaniments that suit their preference. 


There are various smoking tools and devices that improve the rollie smoker's overall experience. Having these smart accessories ensure you enjoy your RYO cigarette like a pro.


This list of five smoking essentials every rollie smoker must have is a great way to start your RYO journey for an unmatched experience.



Suppose you've had to deal with a missing lighter after carefully rolling your cigarette and are about to enjoy the fruit of your delayed gratification. In that case, you'll understand how annoying that can be. 


It becomes more frustrating when you live far away from a smoke store. While you might want to use matchsticks or other options, lighters are better. 


Consider going for lighters like refillable ones, small-sized necklace lighters, windproof torches, and not to forget, the high-quality Zippo lighter. However, ensure you buy them in bulk and store them because it's easy to lose them.


Rolling Papers

As a rollie smoker, rolling papers are one of the essential items to add to your shopping basket. Rolling papers like Zig Zag wraps are thin sheets used to encasing your tobacco when rolling a cigar. 


However, before deciding on a cigar wrap as your favorite, ensure you try out many varieties. These wraps are mainly made of flax, wood pulp, rice straw, or hemp, lending diverse experiences and characteristics. You can also decide on the perfect size for your cigar, seeing as cigar wraps come in various sizes, from extra Large (110 millimeters long) to regular sized (70 millimeters long).


Rolling Machine

It's not enough to have quality rolling paper, such as Zig Zag wraps; you also need a rolling machine for your RYO cigar after shredding your tobacco using the herb grinder. 


Rolling machines help you roll your cigar effortlessly and enjoy a good smoking experience, especially as a newbie rollie smoker. 


Simply load the tobacco and cigar wrap into the machine to enjoy a perfectly rolled cigar. There are various rolling machines, including electric rollers, cone fillers, injectors, and thumb rollers.


Rolling Tray

Roll your-own-cigar lovers will find rolling trays pretty valuable. The truth is that things can become messy when trying to roll a cigarette or cigar, leading to the loss of quality tobacco. A rolling tray helps you avoid this loss. 


Rolling trays have different designs and sizes, so choose what suits your preference. Ensure the one you buy has a flat surface. That way, you'll enjoy a smooth rolling experience. 


There are rolling trays with additional features like the tobacco holding storage or station. You can roll some and save the others on the tray for another day with this kind of tray. You'll also find some trays with various compartments, including where you store rolling papers and lighters.  



Smoking leaves off ashy, dusty crumbs, and allowing them to litter everywhere is annoying. With ashtrays, you can have a way to curtail the ashes while enjoying a great smoking session. 


Made from fire-retardant materials like metal, stone, ceramic, glass, and sometimes plastic, ashtrays come in diverse types. 


Suppose you don't smoke frequently; you might want to consider a plastic ashtray, seeing as they're inexpensive. On the other hand, if you enjoy smoking your cigar all the time, it'd be best to go for the more durable options, such as ashtrays made with metal or ceramic. 


Adding ashtrays to your smoking accessories will ensure you enjoy a clean smoking experience and that your smoking area is left clean after you're done. 


Shop Your Quality Smoke Products From Smokers Outlet Online

As a rollie smoker, there are some smoke accessories you can't do without, and rolling papers are one of them. High-quality cigar wrappers, such as Zig Zag wraps, are essential for ensuring you enjoy a quality smoke experience.


However, besides using a quality wrap, you need to ensure your tobacco is of the highest quality while keeping other crucial accessories like a rolling machine, lighter, and rolling tray nearby. You can find these accessories on the Smokers Outlet website. 


As the leading smoke shop in the country, buying all your smoke products and accessories from Smokers Outlet Online enables you to get quality products from renowned brands at the best price.

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