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Gifting a Lighter: Things to Consider Before Selecting One
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Gifting a Lighter: Things to Consider Before Selecting One
Though there are many lighter options in the market, your best approach to gifting someone an excellent lighter is to understand their personality.

If you’re not a smoker or a camper, you may see no reason to own or carry a lighter. Hence, you're left to decide whether you need a lighter or not. However, if your friend – probably a tobacco enthusiast – loves the idea of having a lighter, they make a perfect gift for smokers. 

But on narrowing the smoking accessories to gift your friend, the next big question is, how do I make the right lighter choice? Should I get a Zippo windproof lighter or a more sophisticated lighter?

Questions like these are likely to disturb your thoughts as you'd want to get a lighter the receiver would love and appreciate. With various lighter types and options in the market, it's not a crime to be confused regarding the right choice. 

If you've researched and still can't decide on a lighter option, you're in the right place, as this guide focuses on the questions and things you'd want to consider before choosing a lighter as a gift. 

There are different lighters today, each with its characteristic feature.

To find the best lighter, consider the following:

When Will the Lighter Be Used?

You'd be surprised at how expensive lighters can get, and that's because there are various lighters, each type with distinct features, hence the price variations. It would be beneficial if you understood the receiver of the gift. Does the receiver smoke? Do you know how much smoking  tobacco accessories mean to the receiver?  

The answers you provide to these questions will help streamline your options and possibly save you some money. For instance, if the lighter is for an individual who often uses smoking gear, it's an excellent idea to buy something of high quality. 

But if the individual only needs it for regular use, there's a chance they may misplace it. In such a case, the best alternative is to browse less-expensive lighter options that'll serve the purpose intended, saving you some extra cash.

What's the Receiver's Personality?

A person's personality says a lot and can help you decide what type of gift best suits them. Understanding the receiver's personality goes a long way in helping you decide on a lighter option. 

If you’re gifting a smoker, an excellent way to start is by looking at the previous lighters they've had or the current one, following the same design or brand path to make a lighter choice to gift the individual. 

While at it, remember to take note of the type of fuel inside their lighter.

Most smokers prefer butane because it doesn't taint the smoke, and if you're considering a windproof lighter with butane fuel, the Zippo windproof lighter is worth purchasing. 

What Do They Smoke?

This question is vital to consider if you're gifting a smoker a lighter. Some smokers opt for cannabis, while others stick to tobacco. Keep in mind that you can smoke tobacco in various ways – cigarettes or a pipe.  

At the same time, some smokers enjoy smoking thick cigars. Whichever one the receiver smokes, take note of it when shopping for a lighter as a gift. For instance, if your friend smokes big ring cigars, you'll want to get a classy jet lighter for such an individual. 

What are the Various Types of Lighter?

There are various cigarette lighters, and they include:

      Classic Lighters 

If a timeless lighter is what you desire to gift your friend, the classic Zippo windproof lighter has elegantly sifted through time and is an ideal option for people who love classic smoking gears.

      Butane Free Lighters 

Not all lighters use butane. If you realize that the receiver doesn't use butane lighters, there are a plethora of lighter options you can browse through. But keep in mind that a typical butane-free lighter can be more expensive – especially if you desire a long-lasting one.

      Electric Lighters 

Electric lighters are a relatively new addition to the lighter market, and they are more sustainable than most traditional lighters. They are commonly referred to as plasma lighters and are an excellent choice for tech-inclined individuals. 

Due to their build, these lighters are windproof and relatively affordable. However, they are not ideal as a gift for an individual that smokes large-ring cigars.


Getting someone a gift – especially something with many variations – can be challenging as you'd want to get something the receiver would cherish. To purchase a lighter gift that stands time's test, head to Smokers Outlet Online

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