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Easy Ways to Tell the Difference between Black & Milds and Cigars
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You may be wondering what the difference is between Black & Milds and cigars. Black & Milds are cigarettes that have a black tobacco wrapper, but they contain no additives or chemicals like many of the other cigarette brands do. Cigars are known to be made from various tobaccos and can include flavors such as vanilla, coffee, mint, grapefruit, cherry, etc. When compared, the Black and Mild flavors are very similar.


The best way to tell if you're smoking Black & Mild flavors or cigars is by looking at their packaging. Black & Milds come in an orange package with black lettering, while cigar packages are primarily brown. This makes them easy to point out, whether found online or in a local retail center.

In addition, cigars are often packaged in large cigar boxes and require you to go to a separate store that would not sell Black & Milds in the first place! If you can point out the differences in packaging, you will never have problems determining which is which again!


When Black & Milds are being smoked, they have a sweet smell unlike cigars' more masculine scent. For this reason, many people see cigars as the ultimate option for the strongest and most durable smoking session. However, Black & Milds are great for those who want a similar buzz, but in a lot less time.

In addition, the smoke with Black and Milds tends to be a lot smoother. This makes them a much more enjoyable experience for smokers that like to inhale. On the contrary, it is highly recommended to avoid inhaling cigar smoke in any circumstance. Not to mention, it isn't ever safe to inhale!


The price point for Black & Milds tends to be less expensive than cigar prices because black and milds are made out of tobacco (rather than fermented leaves). Many see quality concerned with Black & Milds choosing to use raw tobacco.

However, most people don't even know the difference between the two smoking experiences, and will be fine with smoking either cigars or Black & Milds. It takes an experienced smoker with lots of knowledge to know the difference between fermented and raw tobacco leaves when smoking.

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