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Various Drug Categories And Determining Factors For Drug Charges

Various Drug Categories And Determining Factors For Drug Charges
Drug charges can range from possession, intent to sell or distribute, and manufacturing.

There are currently five categories of illegal substance. This includes narcotics, hallucinogens, cannabis, depressants, and stimulants. Getting caught with any of these will lead to drug charges.


This drug is used on medicines because it can be used to regulate or relieve pain. Narcotics are addictive and induce sleep. Samples of narcotics substances are codeine and morphine.


Stimulants are substances which will excite and activate the systema nervosum, also producing more energy. This drug is very addictive. Stimulants include crack cocaine, caffeine-based drugs, amphetamines, and cocaine.


This drug category includes substances that are directly taken from the hemp plant. Examples of this drug type include hashish, synthetic marijuana variants, and marijuana.


Depressants are drugs that are made to reduce anxiety and tension. Examples include benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and opioids.


This drug category is able to supply an altered psychological state which may change how an individual perceives reality. Samples of hallucinogens include mescaline, peyote, and LSD.

These substances have medical purposes. However, they are often abused which may be harmful to the individual or those around an illegal substance abuser. This causes criminal charges. Drug charges can range from the possession, intent to sell or distribute, and manufacturing. The sentence and penalty of the fees are determined by the quantity of the contraband, also because of the intention of what they are going to do with the illegal substance. People that face charges will need a reliable drug crime defense attorney who knows the way to properly guide the defendant and navigate the system.

What Are The Determining Factors That Cause Drug Felony Charges?

In situations where the offenses are merely related to possession of a lesser dangerous or small quantity of controlled substances, they are still charged with misdemeanor. However, the stakes are raised to a felony when the drug type and intent involved within the case are taken under consideration. It becomes more dangerous if the person possesses an enormous quantity of illegal substances. If the person only possesses a small amount but has the intent to distribute it or has violated other aggravating factors, it can still be considered a felony.


Charges involving drug paraphernalia are about the type of object that was used to prepare, produce, inject, inhale, or hide illegal substances. It's against the law to import, export, or sell any type of drug paraphernalia. Some sorts of drug paraphernalia include:

  • Bongs

  • Rolling papers

  • Pipes

  • Syringes

The issue which can occur with drug paraphernalia is that the variety of the equipment is supposed to look like it had been created for legal use. An example of this is when bongs have a false label that was used for tobacco. Albeit the bong features a label, the person possessing it can still be charged relying on where the item is bought or how the equipment looks.


Drug-dealing charges usually refers to the selling and buying of illegal substances but on a smaller scale. It is worth noting that the penalties for trafficking and dealing drugs vary from state to state. The severity of the punishment in this crime highly depends on the number of the drug.


The laws that cover possession charges might differ for each state. The differentiating factor would be the type of drug related to the case, including the quantity of the substance. However, drug possession charges still remain as a criminal offense under the federal laws and the state laws.

An individual caught possessing illegal drugs in his or her possession with the intent to distribute will face severe charges.


Trafficking and drug distribution laws have made it illegal to maneuver, import, export, or trade any controlled substances like marijuana and cocaine. It's considered a drug felony charge which may be a more serious offense than a drug possession charge since it involves the transportation of a large amount of drugs. Anyone charged with drug traffic charges may face a sentence of three to a life jail term.

Manufacturing or Delivery

Another type of drug crime is manufacturing illegal substances. This involves any production process of illicit substances. Delivering illegal drugs is also considered as a drug crime by both the state laws and the federal laws. Conviction associated with this charge can cause jail time and fines.

An individual who gets involved in any drug charge, specifically a felony charge, needs to work with a reliable professional attorney. The penalties of drug crimes are severe. A defense attorney with a specialization in drug charges can aid the defendant in undergoing the criminal justice system and make sure that his or her rights are exercised in court.

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