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Loading Dock Safety Equipment: To Control Risks in High Volume Warehousing in King of Prussia

Loading Dock Safety Equipment: To Control Risks in High Volume Warehousing in King of Prussia
High volume warehousing & distribution businesses with inefficient safety regulations are a haven of incidents waiting to happen. Let Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia helps you reduce the risks.

When your business operation involves warehouses, it’s vitally important to consider and foresee all potential risks. Facility managers must not risk and should reduce the likelihood of incidents from happening. Otherwise, the business would suffer from significant losses that can have a catastrophic impact on the company's bottom line.      


Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, a division of DuraServ, shares some ideas on how our loading dock safety equipment can control risks for your high-volume warehousing & distribution business in King of Prussia.


What is the importance of loading dock in the Warehousing & Distribution operation?


In any warehouse setting, the loading dock area is the most critical and busiest working environment area. It is where the shipment of goods, items, or products is unloaded and loaded, to and from another company for shipment and delivery. Though other working areas may function, however, loading docks is where the action is and is the riskiest and dangerous working area.        


In today’s warehousing and distribution facilities, the demands for a safer and less risky facility are much challenged. Result-driven for optimization of productivity, contained energy costs, lessened maintenance costs, and employee safety is a must.    


What are the safety precautions used in docks?

Though the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) imposed safety protocols, still awareness and reminders of safety precautions should be implemented now and then. Below are some common safety precautions:

·         Always on a look-out for loading dock hazards like tripping or slipping on wet, oily, or broken floor surfaces. 

·         Be mindful always to keep floors, dry, clean, and in good condition. 

·         Secure the dock plates in place

·         Be cautious always, take precautions to prevent falls

·         Be safe always when working with trucks and trailers 

·         Observe proper loading and unloading safety procedures 


What is the safety equipment must-have in your loading dock?

As the saying goes, always safety first, however, in Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia’s warehouse operations, safety is more than just a cliché. Some safety equipment checklists that you should include are:


·         Impact Barriers

Impact barriers protect equipment or items by acting as a buffer, usually from the impacts of forklifts, or trailers. Most impact barriers are flexible that after an impact it can return to its original position.


Our Serco Dock-Guard Impact Barriers in King of Prussia can withstand impact from a 15,000 lbs. load moving at 5 mph, safely protects accidental roll-offs from forklifts and other moving objects.


·         Truck Restraints

Truck restraints, or known as vehicle restraints, are pieces of equipment installed on transport vehicles or trailers to prevent it from leaving the dock area during the unloading and loading process.

Check out some of our variety of truck restraints models in King of Prussia:

·         Kelley Model Star-1 Mechanical Truck Restraint

·         Kelley Model Star-1 Mechanical Truck Restraint W/ Led

·         Kelley Model Star-2 Mechanical Truck Restraint

·         Kelley Model Hidden Hook Recessed Truck Restraint


·         Safety & Lighting

Appropriate lighting can prevent workplace incidents by adding extra visibility to the work area and other safety hazards from happening. Both our safety and lighting models in King of Prussia like Kelley DGBM and Integrated Dock Door Controls will surely provide high visibility functions and improved productivity for your dock area.

·         Wheel Restraints

Wheel restraint is a piece of equipment installed near the forklift’s tires to prevent movement or accidental movements. Some come with handles attached to different types of material made.

We offer several wheel restraints models in King of Prussia such as:

·         Kelley SC2000 Auto Surface-Mount Chock Restraint

·         Kelley AC-16 Autochock In-Ground Restraint

·         Kelley KMWC Manual Wheel Chock

·         Serco Universal Truck-Chock In-Ground Wheel Restraint


·         Protective Systems

Our protective systems in King of Prussia can help make your dock environment run smoothly and safely. Both our Impact-A-Track and DGBM Serco Dock-Guard Safety Gate protective product systems can protect both your workers and your products.


Learn to know more about us at 215-352-4805, or through our website for any inquiry about our loading dock safety equipment and truck restraints, or any loading dock equipment needs such as door products, dock seals and shelters, dock levelers and lifts, HVLS fans, and aftermarket products.

Learn more about our loading dock safety equipment in King of Prussia, just click 


Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, a division of DuraServ, the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of loading dock equipment and hi-speed doors offers:

·         The most trusted in the market

·         24/7/365 availability

·         Fully trained and certified technicians

·         "One customer-one contact" for all service needs

·         Large Retails


You can also make a service request, we are servicing in Philadelphia, Bensalem, Allentown, Reading, King of Prussia, Levittown, Langhorne, Doylestown, PA and surrounding cities in Pennsylvania.

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