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Clarity-Canine of Pittsburgh PA

Clarity-Canine of Pittsburgh PA offers dog and puppy training services throughout the greater Pittsburg area including Allegheny County. We offer expert Pittsburgh Dog Training. Clarity-Canine of Pittsburgh PA
Address179 43rd 1/2 St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Phone+1 (412) 450-0719
Working hoursMonday - Sunday 8AM to 9PM

Pittsburgh Dog Trainer

Our dog training helps dogs to become better good boys, removing bad behavior, and replacing it with the compliance you need from them. They will never be in trouble again when you leave them unaccompanied or leave them around others.

But before we get to the dog training that you need, let's look at a few of the reasons why our dogs behave poorly. Dogs are social animals and like to have company around them. Not all dogs will make friends but most will get along fine. 

They also thrive on being around you and your family, their pack. But when you have a dog that is always alone, it can become a behavioral problem. The reason it becomes a problem is that they feel isolated. The way dogs learn is by association and when they are left alone they become fearful of being alone. This is why they get into mischief to relieve this feeling of isolation. They learn by association that being left alone = anxiety. This can be solved by having your dog trained.

Polish Hill PA Dog Trainer

Visit your home daily to help train your dog

Visit your home often, and ask your dog to do the same. By doing this, they get used to being around you and your family. While in visitations, they will be more attentive and not be run off by their collar. And because of your visitations, your dog will learn that when you enter the house, it's time to be left alone. By visiting your home, you are teaching your dog that by attending, they are accepted.

So, when you have a dog that tends to feel alone, there are a few dog training tips that can help solve this problem and make you and your dog more accepted. If your dog tends to suffer from separation anxiety, then use the visitations trick to help alleviate this separation anxiety. But if your dog is bored = use the command box to get them busy.

Dog Training Tip - Dogs are animals and they need a home.

Dogs were made to belong somewhere, in a pack. And the way to help them feel accepted is to make them belong with you. Dogs feel more secure when they know they are with their pack. This is why we often use training in a pack environment to help achieve that. But don't force your dog to attend each and every time you call. Dogs are happy to attend when they are with their pack. And you will be happy to see your dog happy.

Dog Training Tip -  Dogs like routines.

This means your dog will come when you call. And stay when you tell it to. And you can make your dog follow your orders if you set the routine. But don't make the routine too rigid. Dogs enjoy flexibility. And they enjoy variety. So, there is no need to make them follow a set routine. But make sure that the routine is a happy and fun routine. Then they will enjoy it and begin to do it. But don't make it too happy, or they will not want to do it.

Dog Training Tip -  Make your dog follow the commands you give.

When you give the command to follow, you have to be the one to do it. Otherwise, your dog will feel he is above you. And he will think he can do it himself. And you will lose. Then you will be forced to follow.

Dogs should never be left untrained, regardless if they are self-teachable or not. You can't enjoy your relationship with them when they're destructive, so how can we help? Our qualified dog trainers are available to help train your dog obedience and build good relationships.

Dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages gain a good level of obedience through training with Clarity-Canine of Pittsburgh PA. 

We ensure that you get affordable training with experienced dog trainers and professionals. 


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